EMDRIA Credits ONLY- Tips and Tricks


This 2 hour workshop is intended for clinicians who have completed EMDR Basic Training I and II.
Level of difficulty: Intermediate

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Participants will be able to…

1. Demonstrate at least 4 methods of effective BLS (modality and speed) that can be utilized with children in person or online.

2. Set up environmental cues to help the  child stay time-oriented throughout phase 4.

3. Describe a “trick” for helping the child to notice “what’s there now” following each set.

4. Name and interweave that empowers the child stuck in powerlessness.

5. Describe a “tip” for closing an incomplete session in a safe way.



  • The mechanics of the bilateral stimulation
  • What’s so important about speed?
  • Objects for co-regulation
  • Guiding parents to co-regulate without interrupting the process
  • Setting up the target with a cue for time orientation
  • Effectively responding to the “I don’t know”
  • Determining length of set
  • “What’s there now?” Helping the child to really notice “what’s there.”
  • Interweaves that don’t interrupt
  • Helpful interweaves for
    1.  Accessing feelings and body sensation

    2.  Time orientation, regulation, and empowerment
  • Working through “a little bit” at a time and closing the session safely

EMDRIA Information

EMDRIA: Approval #01007-DL60

Refund policy: No refunds once registration is complete. Viewing policy: 6. months from registration for the course.

Trainer Info

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