Module One – Scared Children, Not Scary Children



In class one, you will learn how to view your child’s behaviors through the lens of trauma. The class illustrates how early experiences directly impact the developing brain and nervous system as well as thoughts and behaviors. You will learn what ingredients are necessary to help your child develop a healthier, more secure attachment with you as well as first steps to calming your child’s trauma-related reactivity.




By the end of class one, you will be able to….

  1. Identify the traumatic events in your child’s early life.
  2. Identify typical child behaviors related to subconscious fears and traumatic memories.
  3. Recognize the triggers to your child’s concerning behaviors.
  4. Identify the negative core beliefs driving your child’s challenging behaviors.
  5. Recognize when your child is outside of his “window” for tolerating emotions.
  6. Take first steps to addressing your child’s negative thoughts.


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