Module Three – Solutions to Challenging Behaviors



Class three will provide you with specific strategies for responding to child meltdowns as well as stealing, lying, and aggression and problems with food and bathroom behaviors. You will identify negative beliefs common to the specific behaviors and come to understand how your child’s thoughts, feelings, and actions can quickly escalate like a series of falling dominoes. With greater understanding, you will develop an attuned approach to intervening more effectively.


By the end of class three, you will be able to…

  1. Identify issues of grief that may impact your child’s concerning behaviors.
  2. Implement effective parenting responses to the three phases of the child meltdown.
  3. Identify the “dominoes” – vulnerability factors, thoughts, feelings, and actions — that lead to your child’s concerning behaviors.
  4. Implement attuned Integrative Parenting responses to decrease challenging behaviors such as lying, stealing, aggression, food, and bathroom problems.


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