Module Five – Boundaries and Consequences with Love and Attunement



Class five will help you manage your traumatized child’s behaviors day-to-day. You will discover how daily discipline methods can be applied using Integrative Parenting approaches of teaching, pre-teaching, collaborative problem-solving, choices, and consequences with empathy to improve child behaviors while preserving the connection.


By the end of class five, you will be able to…

  1. Expand your child’s tolerance for distress using specific tools that help—but don’t hurt.
  2. Use consequences and rewards more effectively with traumatized children.
  3. Use “Integrative Parenting” – boundaries with attunement including pre-teaching, post-teaching, and detective skills.

Learn the “How Not to’s” – the pitfalls of emotion-driven parenting, and then learn the “How To’s” – discipline while preserving the connection


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